Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arriving To Montreal

The Easter Weekend is over and just as quickly as it started my trip to Montreal was at an end- Oh but what a lovely four days it was! And now you all get to relive it with me this week and see what I got up to whilst I was in The City of Saints with my dear comrade Sinead.

So after a scenic eight hour bus trip we arrived to a warm Montreal afternoon, checked into our lovely lodgings at Hotel l'Abri du Voyageur and after a little bit of down time we headed out into the evening where a smell in the air left me with the promise of a nice night ahead...

We began the night with some delicious goat's cheese pasta at a sweet little restaurant on Saint Catherine street, which I unfortunately forget the name of.

Then on to Candi Bar for some lollipop themed cocktails and dancing, before the music became a little less to our liking so we continued on into the night...

We returned to a place that we had passed earlier by chance called La Rockette, which turned out to be very wonderful and spent a few hours dancing the night away.

We meet some nice folks at La Rockette who lived in the trendy apartments next door.

So we went there to drink wine, smoke too many cigarettes and talk about music, Montreal and the finer points of being a wine taster for a living.

Then the clock struck 5am and we went home to rest our heads. And so was our first night in Montreal!


  1. You smoke now? Oh, Fee *sadface*


  2. Lovely blog you have, Feeona ! I like your pics a lot ! Oh, and I also love high waisted jeans (see post below), it's hard to find them here in Italy...ciao !


  3. Oh la la yes week ends can sometimes fly by, as mine did as well a blurr of merry memories, Happy to hear your Montreal easter expirience was funtabulous i really look forward to your bloggs, once again you not dissapointed me you really should write a book on your adventures keep your words coming I love them

  4. Wauw, you have such a nice blog. I'm going to follow you :). Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving messages, I really love it.

    Seems like a nice day by the way! :) And really nice outfit!


  5. It looks like you had a great time!

  6. Gee Whiz thanks for the lovely words! You all know how to make this girl smile haha xo


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