Sunday, July 31, 2011


And so tonight brings the end of July, which of course marks the one month anniversary of my arrival in New Zealand- my oh my how time flies!

Shortly after my arrival to Auckland the International Film Festival rolled into town, which has been keeping me amused over the last two weeks with some wonderful films. Tonight (also closing night of the festival I might add) that film was Heartbeats by Xavier Dolan.

Complete with beautiful people, voguish music, witty dialogue and stylish outfits, Heartbeats was vaguely reminiscent of The Dreamers for me- Although I may contribute that to the surprise cameo of Louis Garrel in the final scene. Either way it was definitely one of my favourite films from the festival this year, if you have not already see it I highly recommend you do.

Lovely Lovely.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

From The One You Left Behind

I should have known it probably wasn't love a long time ago, well at least not the everlasting, Disney-filled type of love I had always thought I wanted.

I think the first time I knew was a Friday morning a few years ago when I was woken up from the irritable ringing of my mobile alarm and I knew that meant that I had to get up for work and leave the comfort of his bed and his body. I looked at him with his dark eyes and ruffled bed hair and I knew that I couldn't leave today- that when I looked back at my life this one day was not going to be spent working, but instead with his arms wrapped around me and the world stopping for a few more hours.

I called in a sick day and crept back beneath the covers of our secret lover's lair.

But then a few more hours passed and this time it was the sound of his digital alarm ringing that woke us from slumber and I knew this time we had to leave our nest- the world was awake now and so were we.

So we made our way to the train station- I was going home and he was going to work. And as we arrived across the station, we saw the train coming in the distance, so we ran to make it, at first holding hands and then we parted and I yelled "Just run for it, I'll get the next one". So he ran for the ticket machine and made the train just in time. I stepped onto the platform just as the train doors closed and I watched it pull away while he waved goodbye.

It was that exact moment that I knew that I probably loved him more then he could ever love me. And I sat on the platform alone and waited for the next train.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tombstones & Sunshine

Oh job hunting is such a bother- I can't wait for the day that I am working in a field that I actually like and get some actual enjoyment and mental stimulation out of a career! But then I suppose that's the dream...

Anyway in between the tedious task of trying to find a job in Auckland, I have been taking some time to explore the city and get a feel for it. Which last weekend led Emmily and myself to Symonds Street Cemetery, which is one of the oldest cemeteries in Auckland, for a walk amongst the graves. Lovely Day.

Here's how I looked for the day

The heavenly Emmily

Some of the gravestones were hidden amongst overgrown shrubbery

Some seemed to have crept away from there homes over the years

Something seems so lovely and comforting about being buried close to somebody you love

And thus was my Sunday

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Teapots & Lampshades: An Intro To Auckland

Good Evening Folks, how does this Thursday find everyone? It finds me wearing a grin from ear to ear due to the fact I am off to the cinema in about two hours to see the final Harry Potter film- ahhh it is the end of an era really.

But enough about that, I wanted to show you how last night looked when I went out for what was suppose to be a few casual drinks with Emmily and Neil, but some how ended with me pouring myself into bed around six this morning- alas!

So let us take a look...

This is how I looked for the evening- a total bonus of moving in with my sister is that I now have a whole new array of dresses to choose from.

Emmily and me walked through the somewhat rainy night in search of the big city lights.

But we opted for the bus instead.

We walked down Queen Street...

Towards Mac's Brewery on the waterfront.

Which as a very nice touch has vertically challenged lampshades hanging from the ceiling- which kind of reminds of something from Alice In Wonderland.

Before long Neil came to join us and we sat and spoke about all things big and small.

Before we decided to continue on into the night...

Towards Cassette No.9 on Vulcan Lane

Where they have the nicest drinks in sweet little teapots- another nice touch.

And we spent the night sitting on the balcony drinking far to many teapots and meeting some lovely folks.

And thus was my Wednesday Night!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Feeona's Adventures In Wonderland

A few weeks ago it was decided that before Sinead and myself left the lovely North America, that we would indeed have to make a trip out to the spectacle that is Canada's Wonderland! So along with the always adorable Stephanie & Tong that is just what we did.

Now lets see how the day went...

After a slight detour in the wrong direction we finally arrived at Canada's Wonderland!

Where it seemed that the fore casted thunderstorms weren't enough to diminish the spirits of the hoards of thrill seeking punters.

Of course once said thunderstorm actually hit the park it was a different story as everyone ran for cover to avoid getting wet- even if it meant wearing really ridiculous rain jackets.

Soon enough it was deemed safe enough to go on all the rides, so after powering up on candy we headed back out to challenge as many roller coasters and rides as we could before possible throwing up...

Including the infamous Behemoth which just about killed me.

And before we knew it the sun was setting and our heads were getting a little cloudier...

So we headed home to collapse in our beds for a few hours before Sinead and me decided it was time to go out for some dancing. But now that's another story.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Street Art Of Williamsburg

Salutations dear ones! I hope everybody has been perfectly smashing these past few days!

After arriving in Auckland just five short days ago after a very long trip from Toronto (which included a stop over in LAX Airport in which I shared an elevator with Reese Witherspoon- gasp!), I am slowly starting to feel a bit more settled with my surroundings once again. Which of course means more regular blogging! Yay!

So lets start with some insight into my latest trip to New York City, in which I finally got the chance to head over to Williamsburg, Brooklyn- definitely one of the best places I have been to in a long time! The streets of Williamsburg are buzzing with culture, beautiful people and some very amazing art lining the streets- the latter of which is what I want to share with you all today. I would love to hear your thoughts on them!

Ahhh it feels good to be back at my sweet little blog (-: