Friday, April 29, 2011

Blogs Coming Out Of My Ears

Besides from actually writing my own blog, one of my favourite things to do on the world wide web is to read through countless amounts of amazing blogs about everything and anything!

Although it is relatively easy enough to start a blog, it is a lot harder to write a good blog that keeps people coming back because it is really quite special for one reason or another- whether it be amazing photography, wonderful words or something you can’t quite put your finger on but know that you like.

So in saying that, here are three swell blogs that I am keeping myself entertained with at the moment:

If looks could kill then Louise Ebel of the Miss Pandora blog would surely be a mass murderer (Argh that sounded a lot cheesier writing it then it did in my head). She is a model and the daughter of Sylvie Ebel- the director for the French Institute of Fashion. Her blog is completely adorable and completely addictive.

Here's Lookin At Me Kid is a smashing blog that is composed by the darling Amanda Johnson from Ohio. It is a somewhat creative scrapbook of Amanda’s whimsical life as she talks about all the things that inspire her and make her life so lovely- from fashion to food and whole bunch more. Very nice!

Romantic, Dreamy and Picaresque are all words I would use when describing the very lovely Paris In Pink. The blog follows the sweet Camille, a French-American, through her adventures of living life in the magical city of lights and love.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dernier Jour De Montreal

So now this Thursday morning whilst I sit and ponder the more important things in life, lets all take a look at how I passed the time on my final day in the wonderful city of Montreal...

Deciding that the idea that we could come to Montreal and not at one point try a bagel seemed ludicrous, we started the day at a lovely little eatery on Mount Royal Street for a very tasty breakfast.

Continuing for a long stroll down Mount Royal, where unfortunately due to it being Easter Sunday a lot of the shops were closed. We did however find a place that made deserts and I tried my first ever macaroon- which even though they look like little cookies, they are more like cakes- nom nom.

Then we caught the train over to Old Montreal, but stopped along the way to get some nice photo booth pictures.

We found the nicest cafe in Old Montreal called Marche De La Villette, where we had a waiter with eyes like the moon and a sweet man who played songs on his accordion- thus it seemed terribly appropriate that we drink some wine.

As it goes after a few glasses of fine wine we were dancing through the streets with a lighter head and heart.

We stopped by the Notre Dame Cathedral, which looked like it was built from dreams on the inside.

And so ends my trip in Montreal, how I wish I was still there!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ca Plane Pour Moi

After some weird dreams about the end of the world and momentarily forgetting where I was when I woke up- It was Day Two in Montreal and myself and Sinead sprung out of bed ready to explore the city and all of the surprise’s and secret’s it had to offer…

Our first stop for the day was at a gorgeous little eatery on Boulevard St-Laurent called Cafeteria, which had the finest selection of Benedictines on menu- I went for one with goats cheese and hollandaise sauce, tasty tasty.

Then we continued on a long stroll through St Laurent for a spot of Vintage shopping. I found the nicest pants at one store that looked like something Betty Draper would wear and I already started envisioning what my life would be like with them in it, but alas they we just that tiniest bit too small... don't you hate that?

After a few hours of general wandering and getting lost, we decided it was time to head back to the hotel and freshen up for the night ahead.

We found these wonderful cards which we had taken from the Candi Lounge the previous night and decided they were our new favourite photo prop.

We headed to Bar Korova on Saint Laurent which we had passed earlier in the day, before heading back to Rockette to dance to some wonderful tunes.

And then it was time to wash our faces and hit the hay for some sweet dreams. Thus ends night two in Montreal.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arriving To Montreal

The Easter Weekend is over and just as quickly as it started my trip to Montreal was at an end- Oh but what a lovely four days it was! And now you all get to relive it with me this week and see what I got up to whilst I was in The City of Saints with my dear comrade Sinead.

So after a scenic eight hour bus trip we arrived to a warm Montreal afternoon, checked into our lovely lodgings at Hotel l'Abri du Voyageur and after a little bit of down time we headed out into the evening where a smell in the air left me with the promise of a nice night ahead...

We began the night with some delicious goat's cheese pasta at a sweet little restaurant on Saint Catherine street, which I unfortunately forget the name of.

Then on to Candi Bar for some lollipop themed cocktails and dancing, before the music became a little less to our liking so we continued on into the night...

We returned to a place that we had passed earlier by chance called La Rockette, which turned out to be very wonderful and spent a few hours dancing the night away.

We meet some nice folks at La Rockette who lived in the trendy apartments next door.

So we went there to drink wine, smoke too many cigarettes and talk about music, Montreal and the finer points of being a wine taster for a living.

Then the clock struck 5am and we went home to rest our heads. And so was our first night in Montreal!