Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vintage Sunday

Lately I have been finding it hard to sleep, not the actual sleeping part as such, but more the process of falling asleep. I'm not quite sure what it is, but when I am lying in bed and everything is dark and quiet, I just can not stop my brain from thinking- to the point where hours have passed and my mind has been buzzing with thoughts the entire time. 

I've decided that it is quite possible that this sudden intolerance to finding easy sleep is probably due to my birthday being only a few weeks away. Long gone are the days where birthdays simply meant planning a party and inviting as many people as possible so as to increase the gift count. Now I generally find myself in a state of panic at how quickly the years seem to be passing and how easily I keep putting plans on hold- like university for example. 

Well not any more my good folk, I think twenty-four is a darn good age to get started on changing some things, to be headed in a new direction. And this I am going to make happen! 

On a side note from the above dramatic affirmation, this past Sunday me and Emmily headed to a Vintage Fair at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. It was so lovely to wander around the many stores carrying all kinds of vintage goods from dreamy 1950's dresses and lingerie to dazzling 1920's hats and brooches. Here's some photographs from the day...


  1. I'm so glad i kept that dress for you you look so pretty, love ya work your bloggs rock!!!! xxx loves xxx

  2. fur hats and more fur hats so many to choose from can make the decision harder

  3. When my mind is buzzing before bed, I like to put on a podcast or talk radio to help me get to sleep.

  4. this looks amazing! I wish we had a Vintage Fair in my area. Also, I love your skirt!


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