Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ca Plane Pour Moi

After some weird dreams about the end of the world and momentarily forgetting where I was when I woke up- It was Day Two in Montreal and myself and Sinead sprung out of bed ready to explore the city and all of the surprise’s and secret’s it had to offer…

Our first stop for the day was at a gorgeous little eatery on Boulevard St-Laurent called Cafeteria, which had the finest selection of Benedictines on menu- I went for one with goats cheese and hollandaise sauce, tasty tasty.

Then we continued on a long stroll through St Laurent for a spot of Vintage shopping. I found the nicest pants at one store that looked like something Betty Draper would wear and I already started envisioning what my life would be like with them in it, but alas they we just that tiniest bit too small... don't you hate that?

After a few hours of general wandering and getting lost, we decided it was time to head back to the hotel and freshen up for the night ahead.

We found these wonderful cards which we had taken from the Candi Lounge the previous night and decided they were our new favourite photo prop.

We headed to Bar Korova on Saint Laurent which we had passed earlier in the day, before heading back to Rockette to dance to some wonderful tunes.

And then it was time to wash our faces and hit the hay for some sweet dreams. Thus ends night two in Montreal.


  1. How was the language barrier? Did you try to speak French, or did you find many people who would speak English? How was it?

  2. The language barrier wasn't really a problem- most people I encountered spoke both. I perfected the phrase "I'm sorry but I do not speak french" before I left, which came in handy also (-:

  3. I need to go for a weekend adventure sometime soon in Montreal. I miss the nightlife there!

  4. You are so beautiful! I do hate that a lot of vintage dresses are way too small, come to think of it I have a perfect Betty Draper dress that I bought not too long ago that's way too small but it's hung up in my room like a piece of art hah! x

  5. to tell more about your dream xo

  6. Lovely photos, and that food looks delicious!


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