Saturday, May 26, 2012

Portrait Practice

Good evening boys and girls, I do hope your having a weekend that is nothing short of brilliant!

 Due to the windy and rainy weather that has descended itself upon Melbourne these last few days, I decided that I would spend the better part of the weekend wrapped up on my couch drinking wine and watching Eurovision.

So before I get back to above said activities, I thought I would share some photographs from a portrait shoot that Emmily and myself did today. I would love to hear your thoughts on them- the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vintage Sunday

Lately I have been finding it hard to sleep, not the actual sleeping part as such, but more the process of falling asleep. I'm not quite sure what it is, but when I am lying in bed and everything is dark and quiet, I just can not stop my brain from thinking- to the point where hours have passed and my mind has been buzzing with thoughts the entire time. 

I've decided that it is quite possible that this sudden intolerance to finding easy sleep is probably due to my birthday being only a few weeks away. Long gone are the days where birthdays simply meant planning a party and inviting as many people as possible so as to increase the gift count. Now I generally find myself in a state of panic at how quickly the years seem to be passing and how easily I keep putting plans on hold- like university for example. 

Well not any more my good folk, I think twenty-four is a darn good age to get started on changing some things, to be headed in a new direction. And this I am going to make happen! 

On a side note from the above dramatic affirmation, this past Sunday me and Emmily headed to a Vintage Fair at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. It was so lovely to wander around the many stores carrying all kinds of vintage goods from dreamy 1950's dresses and lingerie to dazzling 1920's hats and brooches. Here's some photographs from the day...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday In St Kilda

On Saturday I woke up to a clear blue sky and so decided it was a perfect day to be spent walking around in the sunshine and to take my new camera on it's first adventure. So with that in mind, Emmily and me headed to St Kilda for the first time since we moved to Melbourne.

St Kilda is such a pretty place with it's sea side views, towering palm trees and it's unique architecture. I love how Melbourne seems to have so many different areas that each have their own distinct style and personality. So lovely!

It was terribly windy on the esplanade

We headed to Luna Park to indulge with...

...some funny mirrors...

...some rides...

...and some games.

After one too many rides left us feeling a bit queasy, we decided it was time for some lunch...

...some delicious sushi and Asahi beers.

Before heading into the city for a little while. Lovely Saturday.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Leica Love

This past Saturday started out like any ordinary Saturday. I woke up feeling a little shady as a result from the previous nights thrilling activities, I enjoyed my morning coffee and headed into the city to indulge in some tasty lunch.

But little did I realize that I would be coming home with a new best friend- my darling new Leica camera, Otis. After years of pining after that little red dot, I now have begun what will be a long and happy relationship into the magical world of Leica. 

Lovely, just lovely!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunshine, Scents & Polka Dots

Bonjour Lads and Lassies, I do hope you have had a spectacular weekend!

This morning when I finally pulled myself out of bed, I could see from my sixth floor bedroom window that there was a creative group of folks doing a photo-shoot on the ground level, which brought to my attention the dire need to do something like this myself soon. I have been daydreaming up ideas for fun photography projects for the last few months and have decided it is definitely time to soon bring one of these ideas to light.

But enough about that for now, lets take a look at how my Saturday looked when Emmily and myself headed to the Victoria Markets for a stroll around the various stalls in search of something lovely...

I decided this house on the way looked like something from a time long ago.

Then we arrived at the markets...

...which was full of a mixture of the kind of mostly unnecessary trinkets that markets are usually full of.

Pop rocks, chocolate and fizz galore. 

Emmily picked up a new scent- Yellow Diamonds by Versace.

And I brought this shirt, which makes me feel like I could be the fifth member of The Monkee's. 
Lovely Saturday.