Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Easy Like A Sunday Morning

Sunday was spent enjoying a delightful lunch, getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D and brushing up on our history at the Auckland Museum....

Here is how I looked for the day

We started at a cosy little restaurant for some tasty Carbonara

Then we soaked in some serious sunshine before continuing on our journey...

...to the Auckland Museum!

There were all sorts of sweet toys from the past

And one of the lovliest dresses ever

Em & me decided king crabs actually look like the stuff nightmares are made of...

...and that one day we will travel the entire world

Pleasant Sunday indeed

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Red Headed Birthday

Bonjour my dear Guys & Dolls! I do hope everyone is peachy and then some. This week I started a new job, at a new office, with some new faces- I feel like I have started so many new jobs in the past few years, that they are all beginning to morph into one nameless job in my memory. But alas, I guess that is the way it goes for the mere working class folk.

Last weekend was spent celebrating my dear room mate Neil's birthday, so lets take a closer look on how the night went...

After a few drinks at home Neil, Emmily and myself ventured out into the night

Beginning at the cute little Lucia Lounge in Newmarket

Where we spoke about the finer points of celebrating a birthday

Before we headed to Cassette 9 on Vulcan Lane

Where they have pictures of cats on the bathroom roofs, cocktails in teapots Dorian Gray type frames on the walls.

And then the night got a little blurry and we headed home- Thus was my Saturday night.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Prehistoric Playtime

The other day my sister Emmily brought me home a little gift- a sweet little egg that required my utmost attention and my (up until now absent) nurturing skills.

It has been suggested that I need a life. But here's how it went anyway...

I gave my little egg a kiss...

...Before putting him in a glass of warm water and eagerly awaiting the results. The instructions said it could take up to two days- possibly the fastest growing pet there is.

And then Sunday morning my little dino was born, with a tear in his eye.

I decided he would be a herbivore and his favourite foods would be mushrooms and walnuts.

Friday, August 5, 2011

One Of My Kind

Salutations everyone! So this week I started a new job, which besides being a nice change of pace from watching countless hours of terrible day time television, it also makes me more thankful when the weekends role around- ahhhh precious weekends.

So last weekend Emmily and me decided to head to Mission Bay to breathe in some fresh sea air and bask in the sunshine. Here is how the day went...


Here is a sign we passed that I thought was kinda sweet

Emmily - Ain't she lovely?

Lovely Lovely

We ate at a little Italian Restaurant that had dramatic paintings on the wall

Then we laid in the grass and spoke about sailing, sandcastles and old friends...

Before we headed to the beach to collect some shells and watch the very sweet Japanese tourist taking cute cheesy photographs...

Then we headed into the city for some coffee and passed a busker with a magic bubble like David Bowie's in The Labyrinth. Nice Sunday indeed.