Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back Soon Friends!

Hello everyone! So it seems I have been M.I.A where my little old blog is concerned, what can I say? I have just been so busy in between a trip to New York, packing up my life once again and trying to get organized for my big departure from Canada in less then a week! Gah!

Plus one of my favourite people in the world, my good friend Sinead left yesterday for Ireland and I won't be seeing her again until November. Which may not sound like long at all, but considering I have not spent more then a week apart from her in the last two years, it sure feels like a long time, sigh...

I promise that Disappear Here will return back to normalcy soon with plenty of exciting post's. I have so much I want to share with you all.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Delight Of A Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and being that birthdays are traditionally meant to be celebrated, I gathered up my small but wonderful group of friends here in Toronto and decided to hit the town for some drinks, food and laughs.

Let us see how the night went...

This is how I looked for the evening as I set of to start the night at Pour Boy on Manning avenue.

Where I met up with Sam, Liam, Bryan & Sinead.

We ordered mass amounts of Sangria.

After a while we decided it was time to eat.

And so a little lighter in the head we walked on to Guu Restaurant on Bloor Street.

Where the staff all affectionately yell at you as you walk in.

We decided that since everything on the menu looked so good that we would order a bit of everything and share.

The lovely Stephanie joined us at Guu.

The food was terribly delicious!

My lovely friends ordered me some birthday shots and got the whole restaurant to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me- which is possibly one of the sweetest things ever!

I got a nice crown and we decided it was time to move on somewhere else for some more drinks.

That 'somewhere else' ended up being an Irish Pub where we spent the rest of the night being ridiculous, singing some karaoke and having an all around merry time!

And so concludes my 23rd Birthday!

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To

Today is one of my all time favourite people's birthday- my dear sister Emmily! Of course being twins that usually means that today is my birthday too, ahhh yet another year older, where does the time go?

The last few years my birthdays have brought with them the start to a completely different chapter in my life and this one is no exception! Tomorrow is my last day at work in Canada and then in less then three weeks I'll be heading to Auckland for a new adventure- sheesh I'm not sure how my head keeps up with all this change.

Happy Birthday sweet sweet Emmily xox

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

J'ai Rêvé New York

With the arrival of June, so to comes the arrival of my birthday month. And what better way to spend ones birthday then with four lovely days in old New York City with one of my favourite people in the world!

Ahhh how lovely it is that this time next week I shall be boarding that bus that it is going to take me back to the Big Apple for one more time before I flee this part of the world for a while.

I look forward to an adventure filled trip complete with hazy nights, getting lost in the spiralling streets and complete spontaneity!

What is everybody else's exciting summer plans?

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sundays, Music & Markets

After waking up on Sunday morning to the sun shining in my face, it was decided that spending the day outdoors was probably the best option. So after putting on bulk amounts of sunscreen (I refuse to get burnt this summer!), myself and Sinead headed off to start our day- now lets take a look at how said day went...

Now there is a face I'll miss in a few weeks

Bonjour folks!

We headed to Kensington Markets...

Which was buzzing with people and activities!

Kensington is full of shops with all kinds of little trinkets.

Sinead even made a new friend.

And I found the world's smallest coffee cups- adorable.

We decided to laze around at a park and enjoy some ice cream, which was full with all kinds of interesting folks.

Then continued to stroll along the market, stopping at some cute little stores along the way.

Before stopping into Free Times Cafe for a snack and decided we would stay for the music.

We enjoyed the musical stylings of the sweet husband and wife duo Hotcha- who you can listen to Here .

Followed by Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party- who I had the pleasure of seeing a few months ago and was happy to hear again. They are one of the best bands I have seen whilst I have been in Toronto. Listen here.

And so was my Sunday.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I Put A Spell On You

Ah just another Manic Monday, I do hope everybody had a swell weekend- I know I did! On Friday night I went to the movies to check out Woody Allen's latest movie Midnight in Paris, which was a very cute little film filled with a cast of beautiful people, including Adrian Brody- ain't he handsome?

With only three weekends to go until the lovely Sinead flees Toronto to move to Belfast, we decided to head to the Chronological Dance Party at The Boat in Kensington Markets for the last time in a long time. Where we danced so much that our hair went from straight to curly before the night was through. Lovely Lovely!

This is how I looked for the evening in a dress that looked like it came straight from the 80's, with massive shoulder pads to match.

The sweet Sinead looking chic as always

It is so nice to see how differently people dance.

Then we decided all that dancing had made us hungry...

So we walked to China town for Lemon Chicken...

Before calling it a night (-: