Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Hair Evolution Of Fee

I have recently decided that with the arrival of Spring, it is time for me to start the somewhat long and arduous journey, that is going from red hair back to blonde. No easy feat to be sure, I was once told from a hair dresser that red is the hardest colour to dispel completely from a person's hair once it is in there- especially if you do not want to strip the hair entirely, which I most certainly do not, as I think I would be left with a few wispy strands over an otherwise bald head if I did (picture Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror).

So the only other option? Foils, foils and more foils- yes it appears I'll have to slowly go up in stages over the next few months, starting with my first appointment this Saturday, so wish me luck!

In the mean time I thought it might be nice to take you all along on a journey of hair- my hair to be more exact. I'm pretty sure I have come close to having nearly every colour on my head at some point- including black (which it appears I must have hidden nearly every photo from that time as I couldn't find any- probably a good thing).

Ahhh I look forward to the day when I will just let my natural colour shine through and be done with all this hair colouring nonsense. But for now...

Maroon Hair- argh

Brunette - I was told I looked terminally ill a lot around this time

Blondie - I used to be a serial 'face puller' when photo's were taken

Strawberry Blonde

Ash Blonde- closest to my natural colour

And of course Red Head


  1. I think your Ash Blonde Hair was gorgeous! So are the others too.

  2. What a great idea for a post! God knows I have collected enough hair styles to make a post on haha

  3. You look great as a blonde and a redhead!

  4. Wonderful photos, you always look so pretty!

  5. you could be bald and nothing could change your beauty it radiates from your very core Cioa Bella ti amour xxxx

  6. strawberry blonde or beige-y blonde

  7. All are delightful just like you!

  8. You're one of the lucky few who can wear any hair color with ease! I like your strawberry blonde shade:)

  9. nice colourful pictures of your different hairstyles. you look great with the red now, i have done the same. Except i cant get my hair blonde



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