Monday, July 13, 2009

Dress me up

Last Saturday night my mumsy celebrated her 48th birthday by having a dress up party, which did have a theme- but nobody really seemed to stick to it. I was supposed to be a modern day Marie Antoinette, but kind of failed and people kept asking if I was trying to be Marilyn Monroe. Me, Em, Sinead and Lana left for the city at about 11 to go to the Moon, Amps and Republic Bar- by 3 it had become apparent that I had drank a little to much as my head was throbbing, so it was off home to bed- where I later had nightmares that a gang was trying to kidnap me. Scary stuff.

Not so Marie Antoinette

Sinead had a wonderful mask
Jess was a Clockwork Orange
Lana was a kitty cat, em was a flapper

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  1. Oh really I thought that was your mothers 47th birthday?


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