Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Down In Mexico

One day in March of this year- Emmily, Sinead and myself were sitting around our apartment in Vancouver and decided that we wanted to go to Mexico. Three weeks later we were sitting on a beach in Puerto Vallarta with the sand between our toes, a corona in our hands, sharing a bowl of some of the finest guacamolie I have ever tasted.

We decided to stay in a small hotel in the old town called Hotel Villa Del Mar- It was an adorable little place and our room had its own kitchen, bathroom, lounge area and king size bed which we shared.

The first night we arrived we ended up at a kareoke bar where a bucket of 6 coronas was as cheap as chips and the host would make the rounds, give you a shot of tequila, shake your head and then shove the microphone in your hands forcing you to sing along with some popular Western song that you would never have chosen for yourself- I was given 'Like a Virgin', which although mildly embarrassing, it was too much fun to care.

Some of the best places to eat in Puerto Vallarta are at the street vendors that family's seem to have set up outside their own front doors. One of these occassions, we accidentally put a little too much hot sauce on our tacos and were running down the street trying to find a place that sold milk to ease the burn, it was sooo tasty though!

Most nights we would head out to dance at various bars/ clubs around town- most of the time the management would offer you free drinks all night, all you had to do was tip your server.

Six Days in the Sunny Puerto Vallarta and we were ready to stay forever. Touristy or not- its an amazing place!

Arriving at out hotel Puerto Vallarta from the rich part of town, apparently Elizabeth Taylor has a house here
Sinead Frolicking on the beach

Tasty Tequila, Unfiltered Cigarettes, Delicious Food
We went snokelling around this, it kind of reminded me of the movie 'The Beach'

Some of the most amazing statues line the beach fronts

Sinead & Me on day 3, looking a little red
This was a ceremony/ ritual we watched on the beach


There's always someone to serenade you with a song close by

Puerto Vallarta from our hotel roof top

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