Friday, November 26, 2010

Homeward Bound for Christmas

On my way to work today, as the first traces of snow flakes were falling from the sky, I had two thoughts. The first was that if I keep forgetting to wear my earmuffs and gloves in this kind of weather, I will most probably develop frostbite. And the second was that this time in less then three weeks I shall be returning to my home shores of Perth, Australia for the first time in 16 months!

How time does fly when your having fun. It feels like only yesterday I was anxiously waiting for the plane to take off from the runway, waving goodbye to my family and wondering if I could really make it on my own on the other side of the world.

Travelling has been an amazing thing, the more places I see- the more of this world I crave, I pine for! And the longer I'm away from home, the more I realise that this is exactly what I need to be doing with my life right now. For so long I've been putting these limits on myself as to what I should 'realistically' be doing with my life at this point- go home and study, start my long term career, start saving for fuck knows what- something adults save up for. But then I'll get to a new place, a place I've never been before and something happens to me- I'm happy.

Being away from Perth has made me appreciate it all that bit more then I ever did while I was living there as well. The closer it gets, the more excited I am. I've been developing a habit of randomly smiling and squealing when I think about it lately- sometimes when I am walking down the street, which I fear is making me look crazy to people passing by who quickly shuffle away from me.

Home Sweet Home!

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