Thursday, December 2, 2010

When I was Nineteen

Only three short years go I was nineteen years old.

I lived with my sister in our first apartment away from home in Mount Lawley, Perth.

My older sister and her girlfriend at the time lived next door and we would all spend most nights during the week together, hanging out and watching bad TV shows.

Most weekends I would go to Amplifier Bar, scatter my brain with various substances, smoke too many cigarettes and dance with my friends until the lights went on and the sun was rising.

I had been with the guy of my dreams for 2 years, we would have sleep overs, rent movies and make out until our lips were blood red.

I worked for Xpress Magazine as a receptionist and it was the coolest job I had ever had.

I would have extended email conversations with my best friend all day at work and we would talk about anything and everything under the sun.

I dyed my hair blonde for the first time in seven years.

I would spend hours downloading music from obscure indie bands, just to have it on my ipod.

I read a lot of cult books because it made me feel cool and mature when people would ask what I was reading.

My mum would take me on driving lessons once a week, alas- I still don't have my license.

I joined a gym with my sisters and we promised to keep each other motivated, but after a few weeks we stopped going.

I wanted to a famous photographer one day.

I dreamed of travelling the world and more then anywhere dreamed of going to Paris someday.

It was the last year of my teens and life was perfect.


  1. Hey you can still be a famous photographer and you have an amazing talent for writing. X

  2. Exactly you are very talented and beautiful..keep dreaming :) X

  3. We all look back and see the fond memories, as long as you can still see foward it's ok to look back and smile... nothing last forever xxx

  4. :D i wish we still lived next door to each other...those thudding noises of you two running over...for food?for internet?or simply just to sit :) miss it muchly


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