Saturday, December 18, 2010

Home Sweet Perth

At 1am on Saturday Morning I touched down in my hometown of Perth after a very long flight- part of which I was sitting next to a man who insisted on sleeping with his mouth open and his breath floating in my general direction- Argh. But not to worry, I am now home!

Day one was spent enjoying a nice lunch with my mother, sisters and niece Kaylah at Hans Cafe, I forgot how good the Prawn Lemon dish they serve there was- Delicious. Something feels different about Perth, everything seems a little more unusual then I remember it. I'm still getting terribly excited about little things as well- the look of the taxis, the sound of the streets, the things on television.

Tonight I shall be heading out with some wonderful folk to paint the town red, but for now I need to rest my weary head for a little bit. Nap Time!

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  1. I thought that we could still be freinds? tho once you leave things just never feel the same again.. What we ache to run from in our youth, is what we miss the most in our twilight years. the things you miss the most then are the people that have gone that once were...


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