Monday, December 13, 2010

The Miss You List

I don't know if it is the cold weather or just living alone for the past two weeks, but I'm feeling very uninspired and terribly sluggish as of late- In fact most of my free time the past couple weeks has been spent watching Mad Men and having extended sleeping sessions. But not to worry! In two days I will be boarding that plane that is going to take me back to the motherland for a few weeks of sunshine and smiles.

A question I have been asked a lot on my travels is 'What do you miss about home?" and besides from the obvious answer of Family & Friends, there is a lot of little things that I miss dearly. So since I am feeling particularly thoughtful today, here is a short list of six things I miss about Perth.

  • Chocolate Supashakes - Although it may seem sad that a flavoured milk should be at the top of my list, I have travelled far and wide and have failed to find a chocolate milk that even comes close to the delight which is a Brownes Supashake

  • My Mother's Lasagna, Roast Vegetables, Lentils - Okay so just my mothers cooking in general. Living abroad is expensive, which in large part has meant a diet that consist of toast & two minute noodles. Craving Good Food!

  • Being around Australian People - I look forward to having conversations with strangers that don't start with the phrases "Oh where is your accent from?" or "Oh are you from England? Oh Australia- same thing" No, its really not.

  • Hearing my older sister Jessica sing, in it's entirety, Vanilla Ice's 'Ice Ice Baby'- self explanatory.

  • Not having to tip at Restaurants - Oh how I have missed thee

  • Watching Neighbours - Please let Doctor Karl Kennedy still be in the show!

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