Friday, January 7, 2011

Back In Snowy Toronto

And as quickly as it began, my holiday in the sun came to an end and I was on the plane that would take me back to Toronto. All in all my trip back home was awesome, way too short though and by the time I was really starting to appreciate what I had been missing out on all these months, it all disappeared into the abyss again.

So now I am moved into my new house living with Sinead, Sam and Liam, I go back to work as of Monday and I've developed a nasty little case of the sniffles to welcome me back to Toronto. And what do I do when said sniffles occur you may ask- I simply curl up in bed with an even amount of fashion and music magazines and drift off until I'm feeling right as rain once more.

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  1. its probably the long flight. i always feel groggy after a 20 hour flight. hope your feeling better soon sweets.


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