Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

On Sunday it was decided that being our first weekend back in Toronto Sinead, Brendan, Homan and myself would do some form of an iconic Winter activity to try and get into the swing of things for the colder months ahead. Plus I had previously spent in large part the prior three days knocked out on Cold and Flu medicine and needed to salvage at least one day of the weekend before I had to return to work. So we decided on Ice Skating at an outside rink on Queen Street.

I could probably count the amount of times I have been Ice Skating in my life on one hand, what can I say I was always more of a roller skates kinda girl, but of these previous times I did not remember looking so painfully awkward and uncoordinated whilst skimming along the ice- There were children under five that looked more graceful skating then me. But not to worry, I left the rink with a smile on my face and a new found respect for Professional Ice Skaters.

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  1. so jealous I'm melting away here. It looks beautiful. I long for cold.


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