Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Tape

When I was younger, so much younger then today, me and my sister Emmily used to go to our father's house on weekends. Our dad used to tape music programs like Video Hits onto VHS tapes and there was this particular tape that I remember watching what must have been at least 100 times- Emmily and me would sit on the grey couches, watch and sing along with the music videos.

The tape was full of songs, most of which I still love and that drive me crazy with nostalgia whenever I still hear them today- Saltwater by Julian Lennon, Not a Day Goes by Rick Price, Stay by Shakespeare Sisters, even Everything's Alright from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar (The Kate Cebrano/ John Farnham/ Jon Stevens version). One of my favourites was definitely Kate Bush's version of Rocket Man, I used to think she was so beautiful and chic. And now for your listening pleasure...


  1. and that song thats off dirty dancing re done and we would always dibs what girl we werethe best part of breaking up, is when your making up..
    shes beautiful, kind of reminds me of sylvana in this film clip..(:

  2. I tried to find that version on You Tube, to no avail

  3. I think you are sophisticated and chic, yes kate is beautiful, then i imagine your face with your funky hair blowing in the wind like hers in the clip and i can feel the shivers of your beauty surround me.. xxx


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