Friday, February 4, 2011

Running with Day Dreams

I want European Springs and Summers, I want beautiful people taking photos of ugly things, I want black and white dreams that run like silent movies, I want love affairs with poets and painters, I want to live in picturesque towns that make walking down the streets feel like poetry, I want to be woken up to sweet kisses everyday, I want to drink tea on balconies whilst talking to cats and birds, I want to lay in the sun and read books all day, I want to watch romantic films at theatres with red velvet curtains, I want to travel by trains across countries that look like photographs, I want to listen to music on record players while bathing in milk , I want to be sent flowers and mixed tapes from secret admirers, I want to go to dinner parties where people drink wine and discuss charming and provocative subjects, I want to write stories that read like a symphony, I want to take photo's that look like day dreams, I want to receive letters that were written by hand, I want undying love and fleeting romances, I want to not be limited by hindrances like money or work, I want everyday to be a romantic splendour of life.

From the mind of an over imaginative girl, this is what I want.


  1. Your stories already read like a symphony, Europe will happen soon then you wont have to imagine.

  2. Yeah that sounds pretty good. 'Waiter' i'll have what shes having

  3. I felt inspired today; so I dropped a line for you.


    To convey a perfect dream...
    ...a gentle thought of you.

    a soothing kindle flows,
    adjusting to a song.

    A melody, no sound,
    captivation cause your eyes.

    Balmy vortex with a scent,
    cherished beauty shines again.

    Devoted colors bathe the sight,
    ethereal charm you draw.

    Elixir that lures the heart,
    so pure, I sail jovial.

    Composed is the evoking joy
    a sun you have designed.

    To convey a perfect dream...

  4. That's wonderful, who may be the writer of such a delightful poem?

  5. beautiful words miss feeona.

  6. i wish your dreams true xxx

  7. Amoretto's day will recite the sign.

  8. Why should I make you wait that long? I am glad you liked it!

  9. Ethereal: is one of my favorite words, one that does not get used to often?


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