Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Woman With A Curse On Her Lips

Something quite eerie happened to me on the weekend just passed and now I shall share it with you good folks. A friend and myself were walking down Bloor Street and noticed a small woman in the distance who seemed to be screaming to herself. Not really that phased by this we continued walking down the street, after all big cities usually also mean a lot more people who’s mask of sanity has started to slip and so witnessing a lonesome stranger screaming to themselves although a little sad is not exactly an uncommon occurrence.

Still human curiosity always prevails and both of us were still quite transfixed by this woman’s seemingly uncalled for outburst. Anyway now comes the somewhat creepy part, as we passed by this crooked little woman she stopped and looked right at us, both her eyes looked like they had a thin white layer of film over them, which added to the general overall sinister appearance of her. Anyway as she stared at us she whispered something under her breath and then brought her hand to her eyes, quickly waving her fingers from eye to eye in an almost mechanical fashion, before she started screaming once again and me and my friend shuffled away.

Now perhaps I have seen way to many scary films, read way to many horror books and been told way to many ghost stories- but something about this experience was quite unnerving, it sounds crazy but I think this woman was trying to curse me and my friend. This happened about two days ago and for the moment I have no reports of any unnatural beards sprouting or any ghastly events taking place, so for the mean time I’ll adopt a skeptical view on things and just assume this woman was merely speaking gibberish and a little senile perhaps. After all am I not getting a little bit old to believe in this kind of stuff?


  1. I bet she was schizophrenic and was having a screaming match with her voices. Some voices are funny and some are nasty

  2. Maybe she could not believe the visions of splender when she saw for a moment the beauty that stood before her looking at her, maybe her mumble was a memory of the time, when she once stood as a young maiden or maybe she was muttering I hope you beauty's can see how stunning you are, that even an lady with a broken heart and soul can see, I wouldn't be worrying about a curse, anyone with a drop of Gypsy blood can never be cursed, A travelling willbury, have definately got to have blood of the Gypsy, never be afraid of your fears face them. The furture is yours xxx travel safe travel well xxx

  3. That's Toronto for you haha

  4. ohhhhhh sounds scary. I just watched drag me to hell the other day. did she look like that gypsy woman?

  5. Actually she looked exactly like that gypsy woman, I was going to reference her as well haha


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