Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dernier Jour De Montreal

So now this Thursday morning whilst I sit and ponder the more important things in life, lets all take a look at how I passed the time on my final day in the wonderful city of Montreal...

Deciding that the idea that we could come to Montreal and not at one point try a bagel seemed ludicrous, we started the day at a lovely little eatery on Mount Royal Street for a very tasty breakfast.

Continuing for a long stroll down Mount Royal, where unfortunately due to it being Easter Sunday a lot of the shops were closed. We did however find a place that made deserts and I tried my first ever macaroon- which even though they look like little cookies, they are more like cakes- nom nom.

Then we caught the train over to Old Montreal, but stopped along the way to get some nice photo booth pictures.

We found the nicest cafe in Old Montreal called Marche De La Villette, where we had a waiter with eyes like the moon and a sweet man who played songs on his accordion- thus it seemed terribly appropriate that we drink some wine.

As it goes after a few glasses of fine wine we were dancing through the streets with a lighter head and heart.

We stopped by the Notre Dame Cathedral, which looked like it was built from dreams on the inside.

And so ends my trip in Montreal, how I wish I was still there!


  1. I love your floral dress, and it looks like you're having fun in the pics!

  2. Ah the memories will swirl in your head for ever so appriciate the fact that you have danced in a city that most will only ever dream of, may the rest of your adventures be even better than the ones you have known maybe will meet someday outside that little cafe somewhere on the romantic street full of musicians and poets ah reality sux xxx

  3. Wonderful photos, seemed like a great time!

  4. is that a fox? how cute. i almost patted one in London but he ran off scared when i got too close. I love your outfit. you both look so cute.. I am Jealous. xx

  5. I love your pictures :) Montreal is on my travel wish list and now you make me want to go even more!


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