Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Horror! The Horror!

After watching my fair share of horror films as of late, it has got me to thinking about if I were to make my own what it would be about. I think after years and years of watching some of the greatest and worst scary movies out there, that I should be more then capable of coming up with a somewhat wonderful horror movie plot- keeping in mind these factors:

* Minimal easy gore scares, in fact I would not want one drop of blood spilt in my movie.

* Old fashioned eerie, 'ghost train terror' type factor.

* Interesting and likable characters.

* Definitely an aire of mystery intertwined into the story somehow.

But most importantly I would make a film poster that looked something like these classic horror flicks below- so perfectly chilling!


  1. Kal would love this.


  2. These are amazing! I would love to make a horror film :-)

  3. Do something like the sixth sense, that was an awesome scary movie!


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