Friday, August 19, 2011

A Red Headed Birthday

Bonjour my dear Guys & Dolls! I do hope everyone is peachy and then some. This week I started a new job, at a new office, with some new faces- I feel like I have started so many new jobs in the past few years, that they are all beginning to morph into one nameless job in my memory. But alas, I guess that is the way it goes for the mere working class folk.

Last weekend was spent celebrating my dear room mate Neil's birthday, so lets take a closer look on how the night went...

After a few drinks at home Neil, Emmily and myself ventured out into the night

Beginning at the cute little Lucia Lounge in Newmarket

Where we spoke about the finer points of celebrating a birthday

Before we headed to Cassette 9 on Vulcan Lane

Where they have pictures of cats on the bathroom roofs, cocktails in teapots Dorian Gray type frames on the walls.

And then the night got a little blurry and we headed home- Thus was my Saturday night.


  1. Oh that looked like such a interesting and fun night happy Birthday Neil xxxx loves xxx

  2. Nice photos- RIP Amy )-:


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