Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunshine, Scents & Polka Dots

Bonjour Lads and Lassies, I do hope you have had a spectacular weekend!

This morning when I finally pulled myself out of bed, I could see from my sixth floor bedroom window that there was a creative group of folks doing a photo-shoot on the ground level, which brought to my attention the dire need to do something like this myself soon. I have been daydreaming up ideas for fun photography projects for the last few months and have decided it is definitely time to soon bring one of these ideas to light.

But enough about that for now, lets take a look at how my Saturday looked when Emmily and myself headed to the Victoria Markets for a stroll around the various stalls in search of something lovely...

I decided this house on the way looked like something from a time long ago.

Then we arrived at the markets...

...which was full of a mixture of the kind of mostly unnecessary trinkets that markets are usually full of.

Pop rocks, chocolate and fizz galore. 

Emmily picked up a new scent- Yellow Diamonds by Versace.

And I brought this shirt, which makes me feel like I could be the fifth member of The Monkee's. 
Lovely Saturday.


  1. Well must say it has been awhile how I have missed thee blogs Good one


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