Thursday, November 4, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

Last Saturday we went out to Celebrate Halloween! Me and Sinead decided to go as Japanese Ghost, we found most of our outfits from China town- including some very cool Fresh Kon contacts that made our eyes look big and shiny. The night started with drinks at the Owl's Nest, where there is always a constant battle for who gets to play DJ. Then we left for a few parties around town just before the clock struck 11pm, where wicked good fun was had by all.

My very lovely contacts
Sinead looking Demon like as a Japanese Ghost

Bryan donned a moustache for the night
Kiyohito was there

Liam mirroring Charlie Chaplin

Jimmy was there too

Phillip was a burgular

Giuliana was a darling zombie

Sinead made a new friend during the night

Jimmy too!

Wonderful Costumes, Wonderful People, Wonderful Halloween!

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