Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Sometimes in this one life of ours you have to say Good Bye to people. Some you do not want to say good bye to, some you are kind of happy you are and then there are the good byes that break your heart to do it, but you know you have to.

It's a sad thing when something in your life that you were so sure of, something that made you so happy once upon a time suddenly changes. And then when you look back you realise that it wasn't so sudden, that it had been creeping up on you both for a long time but you just didn't see it. You didn't want to see it. And you wonder how you can still love somebody so damn much and still want to be with them all the time, but know that it is not right for either of you.

And you cry because you don't understand how this happened- how you allowed it to happen, you get angry and shake because everything just seems out of your control, you sleep and sleep so you can pretend for a few hours that it's not real, you go out and drink and met people- but nobody seems as good them and so you cry some more and convince yourself that you will never be happy again.

And then there is that final moment when you know everything will change after this and you hug and you kiss and you wonder how something that feels so right just isn't. And you walk onto a raining street and you hope that the rain will mask your tears. And you wish you could fast forward time to a place where everythings good again. And it will be. Eventually. Because it has to be.


  1. it seems lady feeona has been left alone, no need to be sorry as u well put everything will be alright, time heals every thing. In life a person will meet zillion people some leave imprint on the individual's mind and some just pass-by but family and close freinds are there for ever in mind n heart. enjoy the moments of every day.

  2. written so does get better. you will start to find yourself again and stop comparing him to everyone you meet. but its gonna take time, a whole lot of precious time...chin up fee fee and let the sun shine in xoxoxo

  3. You're 1 in a million Feeona! Anyone who spends the time to get to know you knows that! You're fun to be around, a strong person, and beautiful.

  4. Hey Feeona!
    I wish I could find a way to cheer you up so your pain would go away soon. As the previous comment says, there is family and friends, and they are willing to lend you a shoulder at all times. Never let the depression to take over,and keep holding your self to those thoughts that times will change and will get better, because they will, and you will be happy again.


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