Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Whistler of an Experience

Since I packed up my suitcase and began my journey to the other side of the world I have had some pretty damn good times! Of all these times, one of the most unique and fun experiences has been working in Whistler, BC for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Initially I did not have any real interest in signing up to work for the games, in fact it wasn't until the last day of the hiring centre being open that I decided I should maybe do it- Mainly because my sister and friend had already been hired for it and I didn't want to be left behind for 2 months. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made...

Whistler is a little town about 2 hours out of Vancouver, primarily a skiing destination, it has a lot of nice restaurants, bars, shops and activities you can do while your there- Including Bungee Jumping & Cable Car rides, both of which I did.

As part of the job we were housed in a make shift village called Rainbow Village- Or as it was affectionately dubbed by some 'District 9'. It was kind of what I imagine boarding school to be like. For the next two months these people around you would be the people you lived with, ate with, went out with and worked with- which led to making some pretty weird friendships with some people you would probably never have met in your normal life.

I do not follow sports what so ever, in fact half the sports/ events they had during the Olympics I didn't even know existed before then (Curling anyone?)- But when I was around that much spirit and patriotism, I actually started caring about results for events and what not, in fact I think I even cheered when Canada won Gold in the Hockey Finals.

In between the 24 hour rotating roster there was always something going on- whether it was free events in the Village, flocking in groups to various bars or skiing (which I kept meaning to do, but didn't).

After living like this for two months, I was more then ready to get back to my apartment in Vancouver and just recover. Sometimes I do miss it though, as cheesy as it sounds, it really was a once in a lifetime experience.

Emmily & Sinead
Canadian Patriotism
Graveyard Shift Boredom

This was the view from the Bungee Jumping Tower

Ski Slope Peaks

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  1. What a time. sharing a room with you was the best. if i could do it all again tomorrow i would. So much fun...


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