Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Couture Fashion Week - Christian Dior

On my way to work this morning whilst skimming through the pages of the daily Metro Newspaper, I was greeted on the cover by a particulary gorgeous, elegant lady, modelling a divine red dress from the new Christian Dior Spring 2011 Collection as part of the Haute Couture Fashion Week happening in Paris. I don't pretend to know much about fashion, but the collection made me think of 1930's and 40's glamour and themes of that nature.

Turning a little green with envy and feeling a little sadly superficial for said envy, I couldn't help but think to myself what a life it must be to be part of the high class fashion world- to actually know what it feels like to have only the most lush materials available wrapped around your body, to receive invites to the finest runway shows around the world, to actually know what terms like Haute Couture mean without having to look them up on google.

Ah, where would we be without our day dreaming...

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  1. And rehab, a lot die young from starvation, there are many who cannot stand the cut throat viciosness of the industry end up in therapy or dead. fashion leave it to the skin deeps dont lower your standard for anyone! your amazing, looks like someone stayed up late watching black and white movies with mummy when they was little or looked through old photo's for inspiration, nothing new on that cat walk,,


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