Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fast Times at Lee's Palace

Since it was Saturday and everyone at the Blue Bird Inn was feeling fantastic, we decided to head on over to Lee's Palace on Bathurst and Bloor. Lee's Palace is somewhat of an iconic bar in Toronto, one that I have been told on numerous occasions since moving here that I should really check out. It's also where they filmed some of the battle of the band scenes in Scott Pilgram vs The World- bit of a fun fact for you.

So after a few drinks at home to warm our bones, we ventured into the outside cold and marched on to the Palace. From what I could tell, there's two floors, one with bands playing and the other with a dance floor and a DJ- the latter of which we spent most of the evening jitter-bugging up a storm. Was a very nice way to spend a Winter's Saturday evening indeed!

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  1. P A R T ~Y~ because it is Saturday S A T U R D A Y saturday' night! already gone I could walk forever I dont mind.... saturdat night at the movies who cares what picture?. well it's Saturdat night and I just got paid... oh no! it's just another manic monday soon x


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