Friday, February 11, 2011

Are We Losing Touch?

Recently a friend and me were talking about losing touch with people that were once part of your everyday life and I guess its been playing on my mind ever since…

Its strange how you can be sitting across from someone and they can look so familiar, and something about their presence is still comforting to you, but it’s a cold comfort in the fact that once this person meant a lot in your life. This person once knew you and you knew them and you laughed with them, cried with them, talked about everything with them- but now every word seems like its spoken with some imaginary force behind it, a force that wants you both to get back to that place where talking came easy and you made each other happy. So you do a lot of "Hey remember this time?” and “Yeah and I was like no way man”, and you even try to mould your personalities back to the way they were back then, just so it makes it easier for both of you.

Although it can make you a little sad and nostalgic, you can take comfort in the fact that everything changes in this world, most of all you, you change a little each day without even realizing it- until one day you sit and look back at yourself a few years ago and think Wow I don’t even know that person anymore. And that’s how you know when someone in your life, whether it be friend, family, lover or acquaintance is real special- because you can both change and maybe not even see each other for a long time, but when its just you two again, its almost like nothing has changed at all.

In this life of ours, most of our relationships are fleeting in some way or another, and some people for an unknown reason will stay with you in your memories forever and others will fade away to nothing. I have had people that I have spoken to only once or twice before that have burned a place in my mind more then people I may have seen and spoken to everyday at one point. That is what makes the journey all so wonderful because you never know what lasting effect people are going to have for you.

That’s one of the things I love about traveling- over the last two years, I have met some wonderfully amazing people that I would probably never have even crossed paths with if I had not decided to get out and leave the comfort of my home town. Some people that in one way or another have contributed to me as a person in a way they could never even imagine. And in a way, although it would be nice, it does not matter if I see some of them again or not- because at one point in my life they made me happy, even if it was just for a moment.

And that’s what this life really is, a series of moments that play like a film where the lead role and directing seat is yours.


  1. This is one of my favourite entry's. Very well written. beautiful as always...

  2. Oh the misty memories that come back time and time again triggered by an arrangment of of thing's song's, scents, books and places we know' you can sometimes see the ghost of the past dancing in the never ending street of meloncoly misty memories a tears rolls off the cheek and we smile again xxxxxx


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