Friday, February 11, 2011

Flowers and Cookies

Two lovely occurrences took place at the Blue Bird Inn last night- firstly I was delivered a most wonderful bouquet of sunshine coloured flowers by a mystery sender and they are now brightening up my room, and secondly I made some Chocolate Chip Cookies that turned out to be insanely delectible! And by 'made' I do mean I brought a Betty Crocker cookie mixture that required me to add butter and an egg to said mixture. A most delightful evening at home.


  1. Now to find the sender?

  2. yeah, its actually from my club in stockholm! of course you have to visit when you are there!

    nice cookies!

  3. They finally have arrived!!! They have been traveling around Toronto looking for you.
    Did they leave them at your front porch, or did they handed them to you directly?
    There is a sun with a happy face missing. I do not see it there. On the other hand the flowers do look better that the ones I saw advertised. I am glad!!
    By the way, those cookies look delicious!


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