Thursday, February 10, 2011

My New Lapel Pin

Yesterday evening I arrived home to be greeted by a petite package sitting on my bed just begging to be opened. Inside was some wonderful pilot wing pins (which you might remember I mentioned I was on the look out for some weeks back), from my friend Julio in Vancouver. Thanks Julio!

My favourite is the one with the parachute and what looks like angels wings on the side, and so this pin now sits on the lapel of my winter coat and I get to feel like a pilot everyday.

Don't you just love unexpected gifts!


  1. When you wish upon a star' things can start to happen

  2. on the way too xo jld

  3. I just watched Casino Jack and they had flight attendants on the film. I noticed they had a pin too. I though they always had some kind of patch that was part of the uniform.
    On my search about the pins, I only found that they were given to pilots depending on the level of training, and service.
    I Googled for flight attendant pins, and noticed that most of them only have one wing. I am curious as to their meaning.
    This pin sure looks neat on you!

  4. that was really sweet of julio....(: I wish neil would get me pins...


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