Monday, February 28, 2011

A Night At The Oscars

So as most of us are aware (except for maybe those folks who couldn't give two hoots about the glitz and glamour of the happenings in Hollywood-gasp!) last night was the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. Deciding that we didn't want to watch the glamorous event live screening from our laptops, Sinead & Myself opted to head out to Zemra Bar Lounge to watch it on the big screen.

There is something about the Oscars that is just so terribly exciting to watch, it feels like being invited into a world that most people can only dream about being part of- The spectacular dresses, the charismatic actors & actresses, the cheesy but delightful presentations. Ahhh...

I was so happy to see Shaun Tan win the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. It's not that I'm overly patriotic, but last year Heath Ledger and this year Shaun Tan- both from my hometown of Perth, Western Australia. Makes me feel all gooey inside (-:

Zemra had Oscar inspired cocktails... nice touch

How adorabe was James Franco and Anne Hathaway!

Sinead with her voting ballot

Javier Bardem... so lovely

We were given photo's of ourselves with our own Oscar Awards

A furry friend that followed us home


  1. hahha cute furry friend to end the awards

  2. Who picks these winners I thought Black Swan was such a crap movie, each to their own I suppose. you should win an award for your writing you make evrything seem so exciting.


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