Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New York Bound

Only four days until I board the bus that is going to take me to the world famous, always sparkling, wonderful city of New York, New York for five exciting days & nights! Plus after watching copious amounts of Boardwalk Empire, we have decided that a day trip to Atlantic City is in order- which I hear is like a smaller version of Las Vegas.

This will actually be my second time visiting The Big Apple, but since the majority of the first trip was spent with me in a comatose state of excitement and awe, I'm hoping to actually get a better feel of the city this time and drink it all in. Plus I am of course going to be seeing one of my all time favourite living bands, the darling Bright Eyes at Radio City Music Hall.

Let the countdown commence...


  1. gah so jealous. i wish i could just jump on a bus for 9 hours and be in new york, if i done it i would end up in wellington.... yipee..):


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