Friday, March 18, 2011

Blogs I Like - Part II

A lot of the hours in the day are made up for me from exploring through countless amounts of blogs in this big old blogosphere world. And now, in no particular order, join me for some quick insight as to three blogs that I think are pretty damn swell at the moment...

Lady Melbourne is a delightful blog written by the classy Phoebe Montague from (As the Title might suggest) one of my favourite cities in the world- Melbourne, Australia. Phoebe writes about Fashion, Beauty and all things Etiquette.

Le Smoking is a blog that a friend got me addicted to about 2 years ago now. It is run by an artist from New York who compiles beautiful and artistic photographs of people smoking from all different sources. Very Nice to look at.

Need Help Dressing is wonderful blog written by the ever stylish Elsa Billgren who writes for Swedish Elle Magazine. It follows Elsa through her whimsical adventures of life in Stockholm and all her beautiful, mostly vintage, cloths.


  1. I love Need Help Dressing & Le Smoking! I haven't heard of Lady Melbourne before, but I will be sure to check it out though :-)

  2. All wonderful Blogs- good compiling Feeona!


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