Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Miss Lazy Saturday

Last Saturday was more like a lazy Sunday for me. I went for a stroll with Sinead to one of the finest Mexican Restuarants I have been to outside of actual Mexico- Mexitaco. Then I spent most the evening watching films and drinking copious amounts of coffee just because it was the weekend and I could. Blah Saturday.


  1. Yes, i do :) Thank you, that makes me so happy

  2. Oh those mexicans,,,

  3. soon we will have lazy Sundays. All the lazy Sundays we can handle...... mwahahahaha

  4. Thanks!
    Yeah Amsterdam is beautiful! At least in the day.. In the nights it's kind of like..drugish..? :)

    Love your dress in the first pic!

  5. We appreciate your comment!



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