Thursday, March 3, 2011

Surrendering To Scents

I am a sucker for perfumes- I love the bottles, I love the commercials (Audrey Tautou in the Chanel one was sooo divine!) and I love how different scents can make you feel a certain way and improve an outfit. I'm constantly on the look out for wonderful new perfumes and one day I shall have an entire room in my house that will be a sort of library of scents- or at least a bookshelf of scents (-:

Anywho here's the three perfumes that I am wearing at the moment...

I came across Vizzari when I was waiting for a plane at Dubai Airport, I had been in a Duty Free Store for close to 20 minutes trying to sniff out a nice perfume, to the point where all the scents had kind of morphed into just one and so I was going by the appearance of the bottles. It's a classic scent that lingers and gets a lot of people telling me I smell good.

I was given Parisienne from my beautiful sister Jessica when I returned home for this Christmas just past. At first I thought maybe it was a bit too sweet for me, but now I've definitely warmed to it and it's candy type scent. Sweet Sweet Candy.

Wood Dsquared is the latest addition to my small but pleasant collection of scents, I actually read about it on a blog some time ago and was intrigued. Like the name might suggest, Dsquared has a soft floral scent with an almost woody tinge to it. Very nice.

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  1. I love perfume too. Wouldn't it be great if there was a job that involved just smelling new perfumes all day long...


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