Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cold Mornings Wrapped In Sheets

She: In my dreams last night there was blood, I was bleeding, leaving a trail of blood behind me wherever I would walk and people around me looked scared and disgusted by me, like this bleeding some how upset their lives more then it did my own

Him: Where were you bleeding?

She: It was coming from under my skirt; thick clean lines of blood covered my legs entirely

Him: So maybe it wa-

She: It wasn’t that, it was coming from somewhere else, like I was slowly emptying from the inside, being drained, but I wasn’t scared about it and when I woke up I thought I could feel it, the blood that is, I swear I could feel it soaking the sheets, but it was just my head playing tricks on me, I was fine

Him: What did you do then?

She: I fell back to sleep and had no more dreams of blood


  1. whats that from?

  2. The Words or the Picture? The words are my own, the picture is from an old film of which the title escapes my memory (-:

  3. This is beautifully written, you should write a script


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