Friday, April 29, 2011

Blogs Coming Out Of My Ears

Besides from actually writing my own blog, one of my favourite things to do on the world wide web is to read through countless amounts of amazing blogs about everything and anything!

Although it is relatively easy enough to start a blog, it is a lot harder to write a good blog that keeps people coming back because it is really quite special for one reason or another- whether it be amazing photography, wonderful words or something you can’t quite put your finger on but know that you like.

So in saying that, here are three swell blogs that I am keeping myself entertained with at the moment:

If looks could kill then Louise Ebel of the Miss Pandora blog would surely be a mass murderer (Argh that sounded a lot cheesier writing it then it did in my head). She is a model and the daughter of Sylvie Ebel- the director for the French Institute of Fashion. Her blog is completely adorable and completely addictive.

Here's Lookin At Me Kid is a smashing blog that is composed by the darling Amanda Johnson from Ohio. It is a somewhat creative scrapbook of Amanda’s whimsical life as she talks about all the things that inspire her and make her life so lovely- from fashion to food and whole bunch more. Very nice!

Romantic, Dreamy and Picaresque are all words I would use when describing the very lovely Paris In Pink. The blog follows the sweet Camille, a French-American, through her adventures of living life in the magical city of lights and love.


  1. All very nice but yours is the one blogg I ache for you have a knack for bringing a smile to my dial keep them up your bloggs brighten my day!!!!! xxxx Your Blogg lovon' junkie

  2. Some great recommendations, thanks for sharing x

  3. I'm so happy I read this post! Because I have discovered some lovely blogs! I agree, it's difficult to make a blog that people will actually want to read :)

  4. Lovely post. thanks for the heads up. Really lovely blog you have.

    Helen, X

  5. Lovely recommendations! Thanks for sharing :) xx

  6. Oh my goodnessss, I am so flattered to be included here. Thank you for the sweet words, darling!

    Hugs xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink


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