Monday, April 18, 2011

Lackluster Hair & Demon Chicken

Just another Manic Monday. I hope everybody's weekend was a bit more exciting then mine, which consisted mainly of sleeping off the flu, watching Scream 4 at the theatre and me and Sinead trying to save a few dollars by cutting out a trip to the hairdresser's and preening our own locks at home- the latter of which had mixed results.

I could probably count the amount of times I have coloured my hair at home on one hand over the last few years and it is not because I don't think people can successfully dye their own locks, but because I find going to a salon just takes the guess work out of achieving your desired colour and tones- assuming you have a good hairdresser of course.

But as it goes I decided to try it anyway, so I headed over to the Beauty Supply Outlet, which is a store that carries professional salon products available to the public, and went with a dye from Wella called Colour Charm. On the advice of the stylist, I decided to mix two different colours- one called Apricot and the other called Red Titan Blonde.

The results are somewhat subtle, but it has still evened out my fading colour which is what I was hoping for. The real tragedy of this story though is my failed attempt at trimming my own bangs- I got a little scissor happy and it is now dreadfully short. Lets hope it grows back asap.


  1. it looks good fee. you hair is not noticably shot. your fringe looks great. i cant decide if i should get one, everytime i do i end up hating it... hahah but i want one

  2. you're VERY brave to do your own hair! it looks good! nice blog too!


  3. Oh that's my boyfriend, and we both love Nick Cave so that's very nice to hear! And thank you so very much for your sweat comment. I like your photos very much!

  4. Cute colour! Also, quite random, but in the 5th picture you could be the twin of friend Lydia who lives in Germany :)


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