Friday, April 15, 2011

Five For Friday - Part 2

Another week, another Friday- I've decided to do another Five for Friday post since I actually had a lot of fun making the last one and I'm thinking of making it a somewhat semi-permanent thing on Disappear Here- because lets face it, you never run out of things to like right? And I think it sums up the week rather nicely for me. Enjoy!

1. Paper Moon Photo Booths - Around the start of the century these photo booths were apparently found at a lot of carnivals and boardwalks as a fun way to have your photo taken- how lovely are the photo’s though? I’m definitely going to try a photo shoot like this someday…

I'll Try Anything Once By The Strokes - So even though this song isn't exactly new, It’s become a habit of late for me and my room mate to play this song every weekend, particularly in the mornings when we are feeling a little shady from the previous nights adventures. Perfect hangover song and Julian Casablancas could have one of the nicest voices I know, so lovely. Listen Here .

3. American Apparel High Waisted Jeans - So for anybody else who too knows the difficulty of finding a good pair of high waisted jeans, you will know the excitement I felt when I came across these new jean designs by American Apparel. *Drool*

This Following Sentence - from a post that Holly from the blog Holly and the Wolves posted this week, not sure why but it has kind of been stuck in my head this week, its sounds like something from a novel- very lovely yes?

Either way I just don't really want to be here this time. I wrote Toby a big long letter before I left, all about how all we have to do is weather the next six weeks in order to enjoy a really wonderful four months of summer together - but honestly I don't know why I didn't keep it, because I think I need reminding of that more than he does

5. This Photograph Of My Nanna - Because I grew up in a different state from my Grandmother I have less memories with her then I would like. So when I see old photographs of her like this I feel like it gives me some insight into to her personality and that makes me happy- she is the one with the cute headscarf at the front on the car.


  1. i love your bloggs they certainly brighten the stars in my eyes when there dull and lifeless good work keep them blogg a coming sweet girl xxx

  2. love that pic of nanna...what a woman!! little mechanics course taken! i miss her all the time aka "Knees up mother brown", UGLY, kick ya the bum...Kath the wonderwoman xxx jld

  3. I love the paper moon photo booth picture...that would be a fun photo shoot to try out some day.

  4. i just looooove the photobooth thing! they should have it now, but i guess it wouldnt be as classy as it used to be.. :)

    The first picture is from when i went to vietnam, its like a giant pan for making small rice pancakes with shrimps on :)

  5. i love old school photos

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  6. I had no clue about the history of the paper moon booth. So lovely and dreamy. I wish they still existed :)

    Hugs xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink


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