Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scissorhands 20th

Happy Sunday Folks, I hope everybody is doing something delightful with the ending of the weekend- I'm in the midst of a lovely day of some serious rest and relaxation, but just wanted to quickly tell you all about this wonderful project I read about recently!

So like a lot of people out there, I am a massive fan of Tim Burton's masterpiece Edward Scissorhands. I grew up with this timeless tale of love and beauty, and it had been one of my favourite films since I was a wee bonny lass- from which also springs my life long crush on the painfully handsome Johnny Depp *drool*.

So you can imagine how happy I was to read about this recent project organised by Seb Mesnard, an illustrator based in France, who in honour of the films 20th anniversary, asked some of his artist friends to contribute their interpretations of the film to a tribute blog called Scissorhands 20th.

Make sure you check it out! It is truly very magnificent!

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  1. awe a sisawa a sisawa I'll say you love him and now you even get then name right xxxx


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