Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back Soon Friends!

Hello everyone! So it seems I have been M.I.A where my little old blog is concerned, what can I say? I have just been so busy in between a trip to New York, packing up my life once again and trying to get organized for my big departure from Canada in less then a week! Gah!

Plus one of my favourite people in the world, my good friend Sinead left yesterday for Ireland and I won't be seeing her again until November. Which may not sound like long at all, but considering I have not spent more then a week apart from her in the last two years, it sure feels like a long time, sigh...

I promise that Disappear Here will return back to normalcy soon with plenty of exciting post's. I have so much I want to share with you all.


  1. Can not wait to see your post from New York!

  2. It is always very sad when a friend leaves, don't worry though, if it is a true friendship then no amount of time will change it! :-)

  3. I should just not watch tv I logged into: go back where you came from: on sbs 6 ozzies went to expirience the refugee camps and meet the people who have not been lucky enough to flee them, some have no idea if their families are living or dead your seperation is by choice. trust me smile and think to yourself how lucky you are make the most of your freedom everyday and whenever possiable pay forward the love xx happy travels stay focused and remember everyday you live by your choices are rich xxx

  4. yaaaayyyy blog entry. i have been waiting for one. I want the new york one already.

  5. Aww the photo is gorgeous, and fab blog post! Hope you visit back! Izzy xo


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