Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sundays, Music & Markets

After waking up on Sunday morning to the sun shining in my face, it was decided that spending the day outdoors was probably the best option. So after putting on bulk amounts of sunscreen (I refuse to get burnt this summer!), myself and Sinead headed off to start our day- now lets take a look at how said day went...

Now there is a face I'll miss in a few weeks

Bonjour folks!

We headed to Kensington Markets...

Which was buzzing with people and activities!

Kensington is full of shops with all kinds of little trinkets.

Sinead even made a new friend.

And I found the world's smallest coffee cups- adorable.

We decided to laze around at a park and enjoy some ice cream, which was full with all kinds of interesting folks.

Then continued to stroll along the market, stopping at some cute little stores along the way.

Before stopping into Free Times Cafe for a snack and decided we would stay for the music.

We enjoyed the musical stylings of the sweet husband and wife duo Hotcha- who you can listen to Here .

Followed by Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party- who I had the pleasure of seeing a few months ago and was happy to hear again. They are one of the best bands I have seen whilst I have been in Toronto. Listen here.

And so was my Sunday.


  1. Love the photo's!

  2. Oh you are so cute! The Markets look so cool!

  3. Your days always look so nice. Thanks for the music recommendations :-)

  4. I have seen the Kitchen Party a few times- your right they are very good!

  5. Looks like a very nice day :). I love going to markets as well. I especially love those cowboy boots and that doll your friend is holding in her arms, haha. It's so cute. And I must say you look really pretty.


  6. Always a thrill to check your work'loves it as always xxxx loves xxx


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