Monday, June 6, 2011

I Put A Spell On You

Ah just another Manic Monday, I do hope everybody had a swell weekend- I know I did! On Friday night I went to the movies to check out Woody Allen's latest movie Midnight in Paris, which was a very cute little film filled with a cast of beautiful people, including Adrian Brody- ain't he handsome?

With only three weekends to go until the lovely Sinead flees Toronto to move to Belfast, we decided to head to the Chronological Dance Party at The Boat in Kensington Markets for the last time in a long time. Where we danced so much that our hair went from straight to curly before the night was through. Lovely Lovely!

This is how I looked for the evening in a dress that looked like it came straight from the 80's, with massive shoulder pads to match.

The sweet Sinead looking chic as always

It is so nice to see how differently people dance.

Then we decided all that dancing had made us hungry...

So we walked to China town for Lemon Chicken...

Before calling it a night (-:


  1. haha looks like a fun night! Love your dress!

  2. You and Sinead look very chic and both so nice!


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