Thursday, July 28, 2011

From The One You Left Behind

I should have known it probably wasn't love a long time ago, well at least not the everlasting, Disney-filled type of love I had always thought I wanted.

I think the first time I knew was a Friday morning a few years ago when I was woken up from the irritable ringing of my mobile alarm and I knew that meant that I had to get up for work and leave the comfort of his bed and his body. I looked at him with his dark eyes and ruffled bed hair and I knew that I couldn't leave today- that when I looked back at my life this one day was not going to be spent working, but instead with his arms wrapped around me and the world stopping for a few more hours.

I called in a sick day and crept back beneath the covers of our secret lover's lair.

But then a few more hours passed and this time it was the sound of his digital alarm ringing that woke us from slumber and I knew this time we had to leave our nest- the world was awake now and so were we.

So we made our way to the train station- I was going home and he was going to work. And as we arrived across the station, we saw the train coming in the distance, so we ran to make it, at first holding hands and then we parted and I yelled "Just run for it, I'll get the next one". So he ran for the ticket machine and made the train just in time. I stepped onto the platform just as the train doors closed and I watched it pull away while he waved goodbye.

It was that exact moment that I knew that I probably loved him more then he could ever love me. And I sat on the platform alone and waited for the next train.


  1. Very Beautiful writing, sad though

  2. beautiful and I understand this feeling exactly.

  3. Lovely, just lovely

  4. good writing fee. simplistic and beautiful. (:

  5. For such a short story it says alot... keep searching one day you will meet someone who would prefere to miss the train, than leave without you.... xxx loves xxxx


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