Thursday, July 14, 2011

Teapots & Lampshades: An Intro To Auckland

Good Evening Folks, how does this Thursday find everyone? It finds me wearing a grin from ear to ear due to the fact I am off to the cinema in about two hours to see the final Harry Potter film- ahhh it is the end of an era really.

But enough about that, I wanted to show you how last night looked when I went out for what was suppose to be a few casual drinks with Emmily and Neil, but some how ended with me pouring myself into bed around six this morning- alas!

So let us take a look...

This is how I looked for the evening- a total bonus of moving in with my sister is that I now have a whole new array of dresses to choose from.

Emmily and me walked through the somewhat rainy night in search of the big city lights.

But we opted for the bus instead.

We walked down Queen Street...

Towards Mac's Brewery on the waterfront.

Which as a very nice touch has vertically challenged lampshades hanging from the ceiling- which kind of reminds of something from Alice In Wonderland.

Before long Neil came to join us and we sat and spoke about all things big and small.

Before we decided to continue on into the night...

Towards Cassette No.9 on Vulcan Lane

Where they have the nicest drinks in sweet little teapots- another nice touch.

And we spent the night sitting on the balcony drinking far to many teapots and meeting some lovely folks.

And thus was my Wednesday Night!


  1. Looks like so much fun! (-:

  2. :D so happy you and your twin are together again...really like the teapot idea of shots ...

  3. the evil twins are together again, lol' now which one was it knocked over the heater???? xxxx loves xxxx

  4. You are such a pretty girl - you look great with that lipstick!


  5. i am have a warm and fuzzy feeling now that u guys are together again :) mwah love yas both... and love the pic of the 2 of u kinda looking away and down from camera it and love u x
    love nomes xxx


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