Sunday, July 10, 2011

Feeona's Adventures In Wonderland

A few weeks ago it was decided that before Sinead and myself left the lovely North America, that we would indeed have to make a trip out to the spectacle that is Canada's Wonderland! So along with the always adorable Stephanie & Tong that is just what we did.

Now lets see how the day went...

After a slight detour in the wrong direction we finally arrived at Canada's Wonderland!

Where it seemed that the fore casted thunderstorms weren't enough to diminish the spirits of the hoards of thrill seeking punters.

Of course once said thunderstorm actually hit the park it was a different story as everyone ran for cover to avoid getting wet- even if it meant wearing really ridiculous rain jackets.

Soon enough it was deemed safe enough to go on all the rides, so after powering up on candy we headed back out to challenge as many roller coasters and rides as we could before possible throwing up...

Including the infamous Behemoth which just about killed me.

And before we knew it the sun was setting and our heads were getting a little cloudier...

So we headed home to collapse in our beds for a few hours before Sinead and me decided it was time to go out for some dancing. But now that's another story.


  1. can't wait to see what happens next' do tell us about the dancing''' xxx loves xxxx

  2. aww the pics are heaps cute. Also i love those sweets, except the banana ones :)


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