Friday, August 5, 2011

One Of My Kind

Salutations everyone! So this week I started a new job, which besides being a nice change of pace from watching countless hours of terrible day time television, it also makes me more thankful when the weekends role around- ahhhh precious weekends.

So last weekend Emmily and me decided to head to Mission Bay to breathe in some fresh sea air and bask in the sunshine. Here is how the day went...


Here is a sign we passed that I thought was kinda sweet

Emmily - Ain't she lovely?

Lovely Lovely

We ate at a little Italian Restaurant that had dramatic paintings on the wall

Then we laid in the grass and spoke about sailing, sandcastles and old friends...

Before we headed to the beach to collect some shells and watch the very sweet Japanese tourist taking cute cheesy photographs...

Then we headed into the city for some coffee and passed a busker with a magic bubble like David Bowie's in The Labyrinth. Nice Sunday indeed.


  1. Nice Photographs! I love the coloring in them- what kind of camera do you use?

  2. Thanks Anonymous! I currently use a 450d Canon SLR- it's a pretty nifty camera, although a few more newer models have been brought out since I purchased it. Thanks for reading xo

  3. so whats your new job? this entry makes me feel like singing "reunited and it feels so good" hahaha ying and yang..3s :)

  4. I have been missing your little blogg. oh my sunshine has returned xxx loves xxx


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