Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rama Lama Ding Dong!

Hello, hello! Long time no see my dear friends! I would like to say I've been extremely busy doing other more exciting things, but now that would be a lie. I guess I've just been lacking in the creative motivational department at the moment, I haven't even been day dreaming as much as I usually do. Alas, hopefully this will fade with the ending of winter...

Anyway enough about that. Here are some photographs from my recent trip to the wonderful city of Melbourne, that was perhaps a little too short, but still lovely! Would love to hear what you think?


  1. Oh what fun you make everything look through the lense that snaps your life. Good ole Melbourne town,, Is that per chance Drewy Lane that Neil and Emm are walking down? Have missed your little bloggs snap out of the lack of motivation will ya xxx loves xxx

  2. OH so nice! I miss Melbs (:


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